November 27, 2010


 This year I am participating in the Pear Tree Holiday Show 
with 13 talented artists. Beautiful time to be among and share art
with people who care about creativity and humanity.

 The Ladies, clay, glazes.

In The Row, wood, paper


September 27, 2010

Escaping realism

I have been enjoying the artworks of Nathan Oliveira and David Park. The new series of oil paintings are influenced by their style and the drawings by Matt. The paintings are whimsical, absurd look at the figures, offering multiple interpretations. 

August 5, 2010

From solid to fluid

During the month of July I had an opportunity to explore sculpture in wood. These were created with the theme in mind.  As often happens with new medium every piece was very exciting to make. The adaptation of pieces that were the negatives of the shapes, scraps of beautiful patterns and the images in the back of my mind have been the muses for these creations.

Body in relation to the world, wood, wire, paper
Out of all the others, once this piece has been conceptualized it felt very true to what it represents

Silhouettes, cork veneer
Originally intended to be done in wood and may be will be a t some point

Looking in, wood, wire
This piece might have been different if the right materials didn't come along my way.

Drop, wood
I like to think of all the creations this piece of wood has become.

In my mind, wood
Inlay play.

Evolution, wood wire

July 4, 2010

Drawing again

pencil and color pencil on paper
I have not worked in clay lately, but started playing around in 2d medium. This drawing is inspired by a dance performance I have seen not that long ago. I was fascinated by the muscles of one of the female performers. One could see each strand elongated all along her legs and arms.  This made her body look very sculptural and emotional. When she moved her body revealed anatomical designs and the second later they would disappear again.

April 27, 2010

Sculptures from Open Studios

For those of you who chose to enjoy the fabulous weather instead of art, here are the pictures. It is always better to see them live, of course, but who would blame you for enjoying the sun :)

This is called Dancing mood. The white glaze is my first textured glaze so far. I would really like to explore more of these volcanic glazes that could also create creator-like visual effects on the surface of the sculptures.

From the series of open mouth. This piece is about conversing, but not necessary with words. The hot is spouting out of the mouth, but the rest is unclear still.

This creature has received a lot of attention.
The femininity and warm colors make it quite pleasurable to look at.

Speechless margamot
This piece is in progress, but it has an owner, who herself is a fascinating artist - Diana Ruiz.

April 8, 2010


Hot off the easel!
A collaboration piece between Dilcia Giron and yours truly.

Collaborations have been a fun way to explore new directions and understand better what I prefer in my work. Unless it is challenged by another person I might overlook these intrinsically important elements of my style. At the same time letting go and allowing another person to lead the conversation challenges me to work in other directions.

March 24, 2010

New work preview

Here is a peek at the very new sculptures and work in progress.



This creature is not glazed yet. He is very adorable to me :)

More creatures, snail and bird inspired.

This is one of the rabbits - there are more in these series.
On the right of it is the creature-house.