April 27, 2010

Sculptures from Open Studios

For those of you who chose to enjoy the fabulous weather instead of art, here are the pictures. It is always better to see them live, of course, but who would blame you for enjoying the sun :)

This is called Dancing mood. The white glaze is my first textured glaze so far. I would really like to explore more of these volcanic glazes that could also create creator-like visual effects on the surface of the sculptures.

From the series of open mouth. This piece is about conversing, but not necessary with words. The hot is spouting out of the mouth, but the rest is unclear still.

This creature has received a lot of attention.
The femininity and warm colors make it quite pleasurable to look at.

Speechless margamot
This piece is in progress, but it has an owner, who herself is a fascinating artist - Diana Ruiz.

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