March 31, 2013


The perfect combination of my favorite medium - wood and the favorite imagery - body by the Italian artist Aron Demetz. So familiar and strange at the same time that makes one admire and pull away thinking of a disease.

October 26, 2012

Warhol at the MET

Regarding Warhol
Sixty Artists, Fifty Years

Whether you are familiar with the oeuvres of Warhol or not this exhibit is designed to show a comprehensive presentation not only the work of the artist, but to capture the art of the time. It is broken into thematic units that present the artwork during the span of fifty years. Immerse into the era of change and see the influences on the contemporary artists.

This exhibition is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art till December 31, 2012

September 22, 2012

All in white

Lin Tianmiao incorporates my favorite elements: female body, organic shapes, fabric and hair like  thread in her installation at the Asia Society Museum. The whole room is dressed in white silk, including the headless miniature bodies of women that crawl on the wall in front of the mirror, lie as if on the sacrificial table bordered by two hounds or float in the air with the treads of white silk extending from their bodies.

Bound Unbound is on view till January 27, 2013

August 13, 2012

Ash drawing by Diane Victor

Diane Victor, a South African artist has made impermanent drawing with soot of lost children and people in the moment of vulnerability. The unstable medium accentuates the emotional state brought up be the images.


 Her other drawings and prints depict  and comment of South African Politics.

David Krut Projects carries publications of her work.

August 11, 2012

Kusama Mask

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist who have been seeking to become famous most of her career. She has been very active in the '60 in New York creating art, performances and even her own fashion. Since mid 1970's she has been living in the mental institution and creating art in the studio nearby. Her work is currently on exhibit at Whitney Museum till October 28, 2012. If you go get there early to get a chance to see her Fireflies on the Water - a mesmerizing little room of infinity.

Sans torso

Rachel Kneebone (British, b. 1973). Still Life Triptych, 2011.
Collection of the artist and White Cube, London. © The artist. Photo: Stephen White, Courte

Porcelain has always attracted me for probably the same reasons as Rachel Kneebone uses it. Its translucency, smoothness and delicate feeling it evokes always urges me to stroke it.
Rachel Kneebone work, exhibited at Brooklyn Art Museum next to black Rodin pieces as a juxtaposition and comparison.  Somewhat surrealistic and sexual they slowly bring you in as you pear into the details until you get shocked ans step away. I call this a push pull art. An art piece that draws you in with its aesthetic beauty, but at the same time has darker, less conventional parts that push you away from it.  Like a connection with a rubber band that lets you step away, but only that far until it pulls you back again.

 Rachel Kneebone is a British artist. The exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum continues through August 12, 20012

May 24, 2012

Minimalist Mappings on Black

.a floating cloud.

Minuscule object capture my attention as I get carried away imagining its world.  I think of these being inspired by Japanese Minimalist Art. 


.impeding capture.