August 11, 2012

Sans torso

Rachel Kneebone (British, b. 1973). Still Life Triptych, 2011.
Collection of the artist and White Cube, London. © The artist. Photo: Stephen White, Courte

Porcelain has always attracted me for probably the same reasons as Rachel Kneebone uses it. Its translucency, smoothness and delicate feeling it evokes always urges me to stroke it.
Rachel Kneebone work, exhibited at Brooklyn Art Museum next to black Rodin pieces as a juxtaposition and comparison.  Somewhat surrealistic and sexual they slowly bring you in as you pear into the details until you get shocked ans step away. I call this a push pull art. An art piece that draws you in with its aesthetic beauty, but at the same time has darker, less conventional parts that push you away from it.  Like a connection with a rubber band that lets you step away, but only that far until it pulls you back again.

 Rachel Kneebone is a British artist. The exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum continues through August 12, 20012

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