August 5, 2010

From solid to fluid

During the month of July I had an opportunity to explore sculpture in wood. These were created with the theme in mind.  As often happens with new medium every piece was very exciting to make. The adaptation of pieces that were the negatives of the shapes, scraps of beautiful patterns and the images in the back of my mind have been the muses for these creations.

Body in relation to the world, wood, wire, paper
Out of all the others, once this piece has been conceptualized it felt very true to what it represents

Silhouettes, cork veneer
Originally intended to be done in wood and may be will be a t some point

Looking in, wood, wire
This piece might have been different if the right materials didn't come along my way.

Drop, wood
I like to think of all the creations this piece of wood has become.

In my mind, wood
Inlay play.

Evolution, wood wire

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