December 18, 2009

Small creatures, gnomes and other things

Collage inspired "Puppy love" (clay, glaze, low fire).

Another view showing the sad face and the gnome hat.

Abundance, clay, glazes, low fire
I was addicted to the extrusion tool for this piece.

Continuation of the theme with faces.

A Vase, red clay, glazes, high fire
Wiping off the glaze creates this interesting metallic effect.
In this piece the top layer of the glaze has flopped
down and made layers of colors.

This two sided sculpture was also made with the extrusion tool.
This is the man's face and the woman's face is on the other side
with their hair interlaced. I have just realized that this description
matches the Abramovic work, which I really like.
May be it crept in unconsciously :)

On the inside part of this sculpture is a monochromatic drawing
of trees and birds and the curtain floating through the window on the other side.

The most "Colorful Creature" (clay, glaze, low fire) out of these.
Definitely influenced by contemporary artworks that I see around.
Otherwise he is very joyful and funny and silent :)

Splash (clay, glaze, stain, high fire)
Combination of rigid forms and organic matter
merging in to one form for this moment of time.

Splash - view from a different angle

This guy started as a woman and transformed into an alien headed,
meditative creature. One of the interpretations: he has more tongues
in his stomach, because ... (write your ideas below)


Words without Wisdom said...

he has more 'tongues' because even though he is not longer a woman, he cannot deny his 'female' nature or origin. Woman usually talk more than man, so the many tongues represent his origins...

Words without Wisdom said...

Another interpretation...because he is giving birth to the word.

Words without Wisdom said...

I really like all the pieces!! Specially the two sided sculpture! ;)