April 22, 2008

Mail Art

I have been participating in the Mail Art during April organized by Art Clash Collective
So far i have done three pieces and one more to go. I have only received one myself as they are delayed with the mail forwarding.

This is a fun experience, as I have always wanted to participate in such event. It's the expectation of receiving the mail (and it's not a junk mail :) as well as sending your art piece into the world without knowing anything about the person it will reach. I would love to do this year round, so if you are an artist and would like to join just holler.

These are the little creations I have sent out:

Teapots in bubbles, colored pens on paper, 3" x 4" (this piece went to Phildadelpia)

This was fun to do. I like teapots as you might have guessed and plan on doing more artwork with teapots.

Invasion, acrylic on canvas, 6" x 8"
(was sent to IL)
This is another interpretation of the drops theme I am working on.

Dancing, ink on paper, 8" x 5"
(sent to Philadelphia)

I am playing with inks and repetition of forms again.
Thinking to translate something like this into painting.

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